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Static or dynamic websites

Static and dynamic websites based on the MySQL database. Creation of dedicated web page templates, themes and skins. User-friendly design, in full accordance with modern Internet standards including all Responsive Web Design requirements.

Code Laboratory does not use any website generators, so entire purity of a code is secured. Manual coding guarantees that websites are light, quickly loading and fully optimized for browsers (SEO friendly).

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Java Script, jQuery and others technologies, ensure attractive appearance, proper functioning and high usefulness of a website – to reach your objectives in the Internet.

Always comply with (X)HTML/CSS – W3C  consortium validation. The correct, semantic and optimized code, together with structured CSS, are conducive to possible extension of a website in the future – to add new elements or functions.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Code Laboratory creates blogs, internet shops, portals and websites with their Content Management Systems – the most user-friendly ones (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Zen Cart and others).

Content management systems enable users for self-help (self-reliance) for editing and formatting pages with the graphic mode (WYSIWYG) in a way similar to text editors, e.g. Microsoft Word. Management systems enable users, as well, to add new subpages in accordance with particular graphic layout.

Each employee may have access to editorial system with his/her own rights (reading, reading and saving). An advantage of the CMS is that one can easily extend the website, add new function, new menu or menu position, new module etc.

Without any difficulty one can exhibit a photo gallery or present motion pictures. The most popular CMS functions are: internal browser, PDF files generator, printing, sending e-mail notices, etc.

Code Laboratory removes table markups from the CMS (if there are any, where they should not exist).


Branding, rebranding, creation of visual identification systems, logos, logo types, graphics, photos, books, catalogues, folders.

Code Laboratory designs modern websites, which are chic and user-friendly.

All the web site components (layout, navigation, etc.) are matching expectations of any client to a maximum degree.

All the web site are interoperating. Web sites are adapted to browsers and to others up to date IT solutions.

Code Laboratory provide websites light, clear, elegant and with intuitive controls and navigation.

Code Laboratory

Code Laboratory accomplishments are unique products, individually designed and elaborated.

Code Laboratory does not use ready-made templates for creating websites. Your internet showcase has, among others, the role to distinguish you against the background of yours competitors, and to maximize your benefits of your presence on the Net.

Code Laboratory makes individual projects, together with dedicated website templates which satisfy clients’ requirements in full.

Code Laboratory ensures optimization of the website loading time as well as optimized source code for browsers (SEO) in order to reach as high as possible entry in the search results.

Code Laboratory uses only legal software.

Initial steps

Code Laboratory gives advice when choosing a Web domain, helps to register the domain, and provides hosting for your new web site.

During a preparatory phase, when the showcase is drawn up, Code Laboratory offers elaboration of the structure of the content to be published on the website. Code Laboratory assures assistance in selection and processing of photos, videos and text, to reach orderly and logical arrangement of the content. Thus, the internal navigation within the website is easy and intuitive, what enables net surfers to quickly find interesting information – extremely important aspect in the modern Internet.

Restructuring and modernization of WEB pages

Code Laboratory offers restructuring, modernization and update of web pages, inserting new functions or additional elements, current administration over web pages.

Modernization and redesign of web pages which do not fulfill contemporary requirements of optimization for browsers, e.g. ones formatted with tables, frames or using Flash technology.

Code Laboratory can perform analysis of the code purity, examine compliance with the W3C web standards and check how friendly for browsers the web pages are, then present and implement proper restorative procedure.

WWW Pages

We create websites which are functional, original, safe, modern, and optimized for all devices. We create Internet marketing strategies.

Code Laboratory does not buy adverts in the Google or Facebook. The fact that you have found us with the participation of the Google company, can demonstrate our effectiveness. We do not resort to any unscrupulous or apparent spam techniques for website positioning. Only white hat SEO positioning ways used.

Our solutions are in line with the most modern internet standards. After all, your clients do not work on obsolete monitors 960x780 px, nor they use the Internet Explorer 7 browser!

All our products remain under Code Laboratory service warranty.

Code Laboratory ensures additional support with regard to maintenance and development of implemented IT solutions, gives current instructions and full training in handling the content management systems CMS.

Services and portals

On-line stores, blogs, forums, simple business cards pages, on-line forms and applications.

Programming and marketing support to develop www strategy, taking into account requirements of contemporary Internet.

Easy-accessible information for all users – always the most important feature.

Photography, graphics

Elaboration of photos and graphics to be presented on the Internet and on printed materials.

Code Laboratory carries out professional photo sessions for the presentation of images on the Internet and in print.

Furthermore, Code Laboratory welcome orders for photo enforcement for other marketing purposes.


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